Once a Doll, Forever a Doll

Gesy Lynn and her little Victoria Santos - Buch. 

Your big is the person who is always there for you, no matter what.  In any situation you can always bet on her to be right by your side.  Whether it’s cheering you up or joining in on your crazy antics you can always count on her.  Your big is the Blair to your Serena, so let's take a moment to appreciate all the times she’s been there, as told by our favorite Gossip Girl characters. 

My little has also always been there for me whether bringing me a peanut butter sandwich at work every Friday because she knows it's my favorite or giving me the honor to be part of her bridal party! I am incredibly proud of Victoria. She is the first out of my three littles to get married here in Miami, where she fell in love with her college sweetheart.  

I am so excited to be launching the Dolls website and I am even more proud to share it with all of you.